The Exhibition Miguel Fisac_Varius Bones, raises a tour along the accomplishments of hollow girders with forms similar to bones structures that the architect Miguel Fisac developed throughout the sixties. The sample stops in the curious processes of prefabricación, assembly and patents tied to the advances in the field of the prestressed concrete. The collaboration of the architect with Ricardo Barredo and Vicente Peiró made possible the creation of the whole index of hollow girders that were known as "bones". The exposed material refers to these curious structures and includes from original pieces rescued from demolitions to photographic articles so much of epoch like current. Also it complements itself with audio-visual material that gives us idea of the technology of the epoch and of the personal character of those who led this history.

The collaboration among different technical personnel, entities and schools of architecture and engineering has made possible a work of exhaustive analysis of these works. The investigation has crossed from top to top the national geography looking for supports in the same places and institutions that in its day were witnesses of the history. Thus the exhibition a sincere honoring supposes to the whole experience symbol of an epoch presided by the optimism and the interprofessional collaboration.